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Area Supervisor Bury St Edmunds

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Bury St Edmunds


Area Supervisor required for Bury, St Edmunds and surrounding areas.This is a part time role, 25 hours per week, 6 days per week.

If you are dedicated and hardworking we want you. We believe in a good working atmosphere where you will be respected for who you are and the work you do. We generally work early in the morning which allows you the flexibility to get on with the rest of your day.

As a supervisory position, the role will require the successful candidate to oversee the facilitation of a high quality clean at each site, and also be responsible for aspects of recruiting, staff training, stock monitoring and ordering and liaising with our management team to ensure an excellent service can be provided.

Previous cleaning experience and knowledge of cleaning procedures and chemicals is essential.

Previous experience as a cleaning supervisor is highly desirable.

Minimum requirements:

Experience as a cleaning/area supervisor.
Strong English.
Good customer service skills.
Good IT skills with working knowledge of Microsoft Excel to submit weekly time-sheets and able to use a tablet.
The right to work in the UK (visa/permit), NI number and valid Passport/National ID card.
2 references.
Key responsibilities:

To take overall responsibility of the site(s).
To ensure that staff arrive on time and are appropriately dressed equipped and ready for duty thus showing a professional face of the company at all times.
To monitor the standards of cleaning in respect of all areas of the client site ensuring CCS standards are consistently met.
To ensure that all equipment is fit for purpose in advance of all shifts and that chemicals and cleaning materials are provided as required and are handled and stored safely in accordance with data sheet specifications and that all staff are trained properly in their use and utilisation.
Monitor and control costs of materials and equipment on site.
Complete rosters, and track holiday leave ensuring adequate staffing levels at all time.
Complete timesheet on the HRM system on a daily basis.
Ensure Timesheets are completed and submitted to Payroll in a timely manner.
To note holiday requests or other leave requests and authorise as appropriate.
Monitor staff to ensure that the work is being carried out and ensure that appropriate effort is being made to do as good a job as possible by all employees at all times.
Intervene early where performance, attitude or standard of work is not satisfactory and advise HR to quickly address such issues.
Carry out frequent checks during the course of the shift that all areas are being cleaned correctly and efficiently.
Liaise with Customer management and Area Managers regularly.


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Bury Saint Edmunds