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a co tam w Lincolnshire - bo nie bardzo czaje....?

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20.06.2018, 19:23

strumien wiadomosci z tego zacnego zakatka Zjednoczonego Krolestwa z wkladka folklorystyczna.

na poczatek cos o sukcesach sluzb:

Two men have admitted to cloning keys as part of an organised operation to steal Mercedes vans in Lincolnshire. A court heard that Pawel Norbert Mroz, 24, and Lukasz Gornik, 36, would get a copy of the key used for the Mercedes Sprinter models before removing the tracker devices inside.

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#120.06.2018, 19:31

psotny Tomus z Bostonu:

Tomasz Wypych, 25, of Red Lion Street, Boston. At Boston, without the consent of the owner, or other lawful authority, took a conveyance, namely a BMW, for the use of himself or another; at Boston, drove on Charles Street without a licence; drove without insurance. £200 fine, £30 victim surcharge, £85 costs, £40 fine, £120 fine, disqualified from driving for six months

a tutaj juz nieco dojrzalszy Tomus ale ciagle psotek:

Tomasz Wypych, 27, of Flat 3, 29 Red Lion Street, Boston, pleaded guilty to possession of a quantity of Methiopropamine a controlled Class B drug. He was fined £166, ordered to pay a surcharge to fund victim services of £30 and costs of £85. The drugs were forfeited and destroyed.

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#221.06.2018, 10:36

a tu komentarz polskiej spolecznosci do wydarzen:

Dwóch Polaków przyznało się do klonowania kluczy samochodowych w ramach zorganizowanej operacji, która doprowadziła do kradzieży vanów marki Mercedes w trzech hrabstwach; Cambridgeshire, Lincolnshire oraz Nottinghamshire. Za odegranie swojej roli w całym procederze mężczyźni zostali osądzeni przez Lincoln Crown Court. Łukasz Górnik, lat 36, zamieszkały przy Heron Park w Peterborough oraz Paweł Norbert Mróz, lat 24, zamieszkały przy Clinton Street w Worksop zostali uznani za winnych współudziału w kradzieży samochodów.

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#321.06.2018, 10:40

Polski sklep do wziecia. Dziesiec patykow i reszta - grosik, z powrotem.

Grimsby, jakby kto zainteresowany to do Ewci dzwonic:

Polish shop for sale, if u have any question just ring me or sent to me message.

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#421.06.2018, 10:44

A homeless Polish couple were helped into private accommodation earlier in June

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#521.06.2018, 20:04

minister od rolnictwa przypomina, ze sam byl przez lat 10, truskawkowym farmerem i zdradza swoje sympatie dla scisle okreslonych limitow na ilosc wpuszczanych zbieraczy zza granicy.

farmerzy z Lincolnshire kochaja trwanie w stanie bujania w oblokach post-brekshitowego fantasy land :)

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#621.06.2018, 20:11

cholera - ten tu ponizej to calkiem "scary" jest.....

lokalne media w Lincolnshire to czasami istna alternatywna rzeczywistosc.

lokalsi karmieni takimi rewelacjami, z pasja najwieksza kochaja breksit jak wyborcy psl-u najswietsza panienke.... smutno i straszno

Mac.B 472
#721.06.2018, 20:56

Scary stuff, mate ;-)

Dobrze chociaz, ze "polisz kouple" dostala zakwaterowanie.

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#823.06.2018, 10:34

istny horror:

Maciej Mikiewicz, 37, of Netterlee, Dozens Bank, Pinchbeck, pleaded guilty to telephoning, emailing and messaging someone which you were prohibited from doing by a non-molestation order. He was given a conditional discharge for 12 months, ordered to pay a surcharge to fund victim services of £20 and costs of £85.

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#910.07.2018, 13:24

Ok, dawno nie odwiedzalismy krainy - czas sie przyjrzec co sie tam nie nawydarzalo ostatnio. Na poczatek cos ku przestrodze dla amatorow morskiego pontoniarstwa + akt zawodowego heroizmu ze strony rodaka:

Three people had a lucky escape after they were dragged out to sea by a strong current while on Skegness beach. Lifeguards quickly rescued the group, which included a young child, after inflatables they were on were dragged out to sea by a strong rip current. The group, who were Polish, had begun shouting for help, and luckily one lifeguard understood their cries as he was from Poland.

Janusz Burda who had come to work as an RNLI lifeguard was able to understand their calls for help as they were speaking Polish.

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#1010.07.2018, 13:27

szef o tym:

RNLI Lifeguard Supervisor, Arun Gray said: "The lifeguards did a great job and their swift actions meant that everyone was safely back onto the beach in a matter of minutes. We are incredibly fortunate to have Janusz on our team as he was able to communicate with the casualties, which really helped the situation by keeping them calm.

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#1110.07.2018, 13:34

Royal Navy and Army bomb disposal teams have so far cleared a total of 150 mustard gas canisters from Linconshire.

According to the BBC, the Ministry of Defence will also remove contaminated soil from sites where a large quantity of canisters were found.

To ciekawe: morze wyrzuca pojemniki z/po gazem musztardowym na plaze Lincolnshire....

Niefajnie, kurcze

It came after two people were treated in hospital when they discovered canisters containing the gas on 1st October.

They were taken to the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory at Porton Down, Wiltshire.

The canisters were believed to date back to the site's use as an RAF base.

But the RAF base there (RAF Woodhall Spa) was built in 1941, and mustard gas was last used by the British military in 1919...

Britain had plans to use mustard gas on its beaches in the event of an Axis invasion in 1940 and was ready to put it to use on the battlefield if the Nazis did first.

Mac.B 472
#1210.07.2018, 13:38

Brawo Janusz !

" and luckily one lifeguard understood their cries as he was from Poland.

Janusz Burda who had come to work as an RNLI lifeguard was able to understand their calls for help as they were speaking Polish." jakby nie to, a lifeguards byl Brytonem czy Litwinem,

to by sie, kurna, NIE domyslil ze jest zagrozenie zycia,

wg autora tej notki prasowej wowczas ratownik by myslal ze to "zabawa" LI TYLKO , krzyczo sobie bo lubio ???

Moim zdaniem to jest ukryte ponizanie polskiej rasy.

Takie rzeczy w "Skeggy". Dobrze ze sie dobrze skonczylo.

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#1328.07.2018, 08:00
Profil nieaktywny
#1428.07.2018, 11:12

Missing man from Enfield may be in Lincolnshire

A 53-year-old man has been missing since Monday, and police say he could be in the Royston area.

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Police in the north London area of Enfield launched an online appeal to trace Kiryluk Gizegorz late last night. Officers believe he could be in or around Royston.

Anyone who has seen Kiryluk or who could help police locate him should call 101 with any information. If you have seen him in the last few moments or think you are with him, call 999 immediately.

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#1528.07.2018, 13:05

kiepy pozostawione bez opieki zostana usuniete a ich wlasciciele obciazeni grzywna....

Z cyklu - "Najdrozszy kiep Szczepana"

"Szczepan Warchol, 39, of 3 Pulvertoft Lane, Boston, case proven for dropping a cigarette butt in the street and leaving it. They were fined £220, ordered to pay a surcharge to fund victim services of £30 and costs of £250."

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#1628.07.2018, 13:09

w Lincolnshire coraz trudniej upuscic bezkarnie puszke po zuberku.

uwziely sie dziady. tu lista ostatnich przylapanych (jest i Szczepan):

Those dealt with for not paying their fine for littering who were fined £220 with £250 costs and £30 surcharge were:

Laura Duoblyte, 32 Castle Square, Boston;

Paul Featherstone, 14 Broadfield Lane, Boston;

Artur Malek, 44 Riverside, Boston;

Mandy Grant, R6 Senior Close, Chapple Hill Marina, Caravan Park, Lincoln;

Alan Jones, R6 Senior Close, Chapple Hill Marina, Caravan Park, Lincoln;

Aleksejs Novikovs, 11 Tower Road, Boston;

Tomas Danilaitis, 13 Norfolk Street, Boston;

Szczepan Warchol, 3 Pulvertoft Lane, Boston;

Kremena Georgieva, 5 Tower Road, Boston;

Cristian Gherhes, Flat 4, 59 Wide Bargate, Boston;

Gheorghe Mirsanu, 5 Musician Mews, Kirton;

Betty Maltby, 2 Tower View Hirsington, Woodhall Spa;

Jaroslaw Majer, 1c Trinity Street, Boston;

Mihai Costia, 12 Trafalgar Place, Boston.

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#1728.07.2018, 13:10

a ci tu za plucie na ulice, jak to ich koledzy i rodzice:

The following, who had failed to pay for spitting, were fined £220 with £250 costs and £30 surcharge:

Renars Rasins, 2 Oxford Street, Boston;

Emar Dadaci, 12 Trafalgar Place, Boston;

Ruslan Berlixovs, 83 Granville Street, Boston;

Lukas Draginas, 7 Fydell Crescent, Boston;

Agris Kozlovskis, 35 Granville Street, Boston;

Lukasz Zehner, 13 Manor Gardens, Boston.

The following, who had failed to pay for spitting, were fined £220 with £252 costs and £30 surcharge:

Dima Sinicen, 64 Hartley Street, Boston;

Mihai Vrabie, 43 Pulvertoft Lane, Boston;

Adrian Wolanski, 133D Fenside Road, Boston.

Emar Dadaci, 12 Trafalgar Place, Boston, littering, £220, no costs, £30.

Sabrina Zukowska, Flat C, Trinty Street, Boston, littering, £100, £252, £30

Miroslav Adamovic, 22 High Street, Boston, littering, £100, £252, £30.

Callam Evans, 25B Chapple Road, Ingoldmells, littering, £100, £252, £30.

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#1828.07.2018, 13:14

Szymon niewlasciwy wehikul prowadzil i sie wydalo:

"Szymon Lechoslaw Girdwojn, 25, of 24 Whitehorse Lane, Boston, pleaded guilty to driving outside the authorisation class of a licence and without insurance. He was fined £300, ordered to pay a surcharge to fund victim services of £30 and costs of £85. His licence was endorsed with six points."

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#1928.07.2018, 14:47

a tymczasem w innych rejonach Krolestwa:

"Klienci ASDY byli zaskoczeni, gdy zobaczyli kobietę biegnącą z ukradzioną kiełbasą do toalety, gdzie zniknęła na 20 minut. Gdy ochrona zdecydowała się wreszcie zainterweniować, zastała kobietę w sytuacji… której chyba nikt się nie spodziewał. Nawet po nakryciu jej w trakcie masturbacji, kobieta krzyczała, by zostawić ją w spokoju, bo ma prawo robić, co jej się podoba "na osobności".

Duncan Stewart z ochrony powiedział: „Nie mogłem uwierzyć w to, co zobaczyłem… Gdy poprosiłem ją, by przestała, spojrzała mi prosto w oczy i kontynuowała to, co zaczęła. Z uwagi na to, że była dorosła, zdecydowaliśmy się zadzwonić na policję, by poradzić sobie z problemem”.

to za, tak czesto cytowanym na/przez emito, polisz ekspresem :)

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#2030.07.2018, 15:52

"Nasi" w urzedach w Lincolnshire:

Boston's newest anti-social behaviour officer can claim to have "looked at life from both sides now".

Kamila Nowinska (30) was born in Poland and was a teenager when she moved with her parents to England.

Boston is now her home and when she visits her parents, who moved back to Poland after she graduated from Lincoln University with a degree in criminology, she speaks about "coming home" to Boston.

She believes one of the integration challenges facing Boston now is the lost generation, born here of foreign parents, who have feelings of exclusion.

"They speak English with a local accent like anyone else, but their parents do not, and they have names which stand them apart from indigenous Bostonians. Boston is home for them, but they have a confusion about where they belong and don't feel accepted. They feel a bit lost. I know, as I have experienced this also," said Kamila.

She made the choice after her graduation to remain in England because she liked it here, but her parents decided to go back to Poland.

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#2131.07.2018, 21:46

Janusz Burda strikes again:

"Jake Hamilton, one of the charity’s newest recruits to the lifeguard team, was on patrol on Wednesday when he noticed the child going under the water and immediately swam out with a rescue tube for her to grab onto. The girl had lost her footing as she drifted into deep water around 20m out to sea from Skegness beach and was completely submerged when the lifeguard reached her. Thankfully, Jake’s immediate response meant he was able to get to her quickly and bring her back to the shore.

A second lifeguard, Janusz Burda, was on hand to assist in the casualty care following the rescue, and after carrying out their checks they were happy to report she was fine and required no further medical attention."

Mysle, ze czas sie zakrecic za jakims transferem Janusza do Szkocji :)

To bylby dobry ruch - niech kto zadzwoni gdzie trzeba, moze?

I niech mu ktos to Sydney wybije z glowy, na milosc boska!

Profil nieaktywny
#2201.08.2018, 17:48

Janusz Burda just keeps delivering :)

To z dzisieja:

Senior Lifeguard Janusz Burda swam to help the middle-aged man who had been swept 350 metres offshore while ‘under the influence of alcohol’.I quickly put on my wetsuit and swam out to him. Once I got close he must have heard me splashing as he woke up. He said to me ‘am I in trouble now?’ and I said ‘no, you’re being rescued now’. “The man had fallen asleep and was not aware he had been swept out so far - but if we had not spotted him when we did it could have been very more serious.” The 20 year-old lifeguard had the task of swimming back to dry land with the man and his dinghy - made all the more arduous by the tide and wind which had pushed the pair a further 500 metres out.

Ok - dwie sprawy tutaj;

po pierwsze - gdzie ten transfer Janusza do Szkocji????? Obudzic sie zanim kwota odstepnego bedzie poza zasiegiem budzetow lokalnych organizacji polonijnych!!!!

po drugie - mysle, ze czas zalozyc nowy watek, poswiecony wylacznie Januszowi

ide zalozyc watek.

milej srody

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#2310.08.2018, 11:15

Police in recruitment drive to engage with Eastern Europeans

One Polish recruit said she hoped to make a real difference:

Gosia Golata has been working in the UK for 10 years.

She said: "Polish people will often avoid the police because they are afraid to come forward.

"It's because they can't communicate properly."

"I'm hoping I will be able to connect with them and make a difference," she added.

Profil nieaktywny
#2431.08.2018, 14:40

dlaczego wczoraj latal helikopter nad Skegness?

Coastguard crews and the helicopter were called out in the early hours of the morning as two boats hadn't returned to a Yacht Club in Skegness.

Mablethorpe Coastguard were alerted at 1.52am this morning, Wednesday August 29 to a report of two boats not returning to Skegness Yacht Club.

The alarm was raised and reported to the coastguard that two vessels each with one person aboard had failed to return to the club. A number of people took to social media to say they had been woken by the noise of the helicopter

Brak wzmianki o Januszu Burdzie, wnioskuje ze jest na wakacjach.

ok - co jeszcze.... widze, ze jest troche niusow z sadow wykroczen ale pierdolki same to nie bede wklejal (przekroczenie limity to jedno bylo, drugie - jazda bezOC i jeszcze jakies oszustewko. ogolnie malizna ogorkowa, botam jeszcze wakacje sa)

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