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Szkocki plan otwarcia rynku po pelnym lockdownie

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21.05.2020, 15:00

Phase 1

Scotland is set to move into 'Phase 1' following the review date on 28 May if there continues to be sustained reductions in the number of new infections, hospital admissions and deaths.

Stage one will allow Scots to use public outdoor spaces for recreational purposes, for example to sit in a public space like a park or beach.

One household will also be allowed to meet up with another household in small numbers as long as it is outdoors, however this can include gardens and social distancing is upheld.

In relation to work, Scots will be allowed to travel to work in situations where home working is not possible, however businesses are encouraged to manage travel through staggered start times and flexible working patterns.

You will also be permitted to travel short distances for outdoor leisure and exercise but advice is to stay within a short distance of your local community and travel by walk, wheel and cycle where possible.

Phase 2

Phase 2 will begin when T the virus is controlled, and the R number must be consistently below 1 and the six WHO criteria. In Phase 2, Scots will be able to meet outside with larger groups including family and friends with social distancing still in place. It will also be possible to meet people from another household indoors with physical distancing and hygiene measures.

Pubs, restaurants and bars will also be allowed to reopen outdoor spaces with social distancing and increased hygiene measures, as well as playgrounds and sports courts.

Places of worship may also be able to reopen, again with social distancing measures.

GP's will also be able to start to offer a larger range of services again, alongside health boards introducing some chronic disease management, which could include pain and diabetic services.

Phase 3

According to the Scottish Government, phase 3 will begin to feel closer to normal. The virus will have been suppressed and 'Test and Protect' method should be working across the country.

At this point, you will be able to meet with people from more than one household indoors with physical distancing and hygiene measures.

In this phase you can drive beyond your local area for leisure and exercise purposes. Public transport will be operating full services but capacity will still be significantly limited to allow for physical distancing. Travel at peak times will also be discouraged as far as possible.

Schools will also reopen at this point which has been confirmed by the Scottish Government to be on August 11, 2020. A blended model of part-time in-school teaching and part-time in-home learning is set to be introduced, alongside social distancing and strict hygiene measures.

Indoor offices will also be able to return to normal, as long as they have confirmed they are working under social distancing and hygiene guidelines.

Pubs, restaurants and retail units will be able to reopen indoor spaces, again with social distancing a priority. Some restrictions will be relaxed on accommodation providers including hotels, B&Bs and holiday homes.

Museums, galleries ,cinemas, and libraries can open, subject to physical distancing and hygiene measures alongside gyms.

Phase 4

Phase 4 will begin when the virus has been suppressed to very low levels and is no longer considered a threat.

College and university campuses would be fully open with any necessary precautions in place, alongisde schools. At this point, mass gatherings may also be able to resume if health guidance at that point permits it. All types of shopping outlets may be reopened however it may still be encouraged to shop in your local area.A full range or health and social care services would also be fully functioning again.

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Kataryna 3 965
#121.05.2020, 15:15

No i siur, zawsze to jakis plan

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#221.05.2020, 15:18

Wczoraj przesadzilam z bieganiem w sloncu I mi ramiona poparzylo.

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#321.05.2020, 15:25

Zbytnik wyposzczony, to chetnie wysmaruje, za friko :)

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Delirium 14 676
#521.05.2020, 16:16

To ja jak najbardziej w temacie zniesienia lockdownu.

Nie wiem jak tam w Szkocji, ale w Anglii wygląda to tak, że aktualnie jestem zajęty kontemplowaniem epickiego widoku chwaszczorów w moim ogródku.

W ogródku sąsiada, w słonku suszą się koty.

Fajnie jest. Oby tak dalej.

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Sokole 5 293
#621.05.2020, 16:29

Nie moge doczekac sie powrotu na mate.

Zapasy zachowujac 2 metry beda niepowtarzalne.

Profil nieaktywny
#921.05.2020, 19:58

Hej Sakra, 25 lat. Szuka mężczyzny do s... spotkań komunikacji i nie tylko .

Napisz do niej na stronie randkowej zupełnie anonimowo!

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