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Florence Norman: sufrażystka i jej autoped z 1916r

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26.01.2021, 17:13

English socialite and activist Florence Priscilla, Lady Norman, CBE was given this Autoped as a birthday present by her husband, Sir Henry Norman. She used it to travel to her office in central London.

Florence was following in her mother's footsteps in her active support for women's suffrage. Her CBE (Commander of the British Empire) came when she ran a hospital in France during World War I.

Florence's Autoped was one of the first examples of motorised kick scooters. Like a child's scooter, it had no seat. 

Manufactured in New York and Germany by Krupps, the U.S. postal service tested the Autoped as a means of fast transport for its special delivery service. The foldable scooter was also reportedly used as a quick getaway machine by New York gangs, racing down narrow alleys beyond the reach of police cars.

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maya2002 2 625
#126.01.2021, 17:22

super fota :)

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#226.01.2021, 17:26

To już ponad 100 lat temu były hulajnogi miejskie z napędem... ;) nie wiedziałem.

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Karol 4 358 15
#326.01.2021, 18:17

Dzisiejsze skutery są równie ciekawe.

Wyglada na V48. Czyli 15L skuter z napędem na jedno.

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