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About was established in 2004 and has grown to be one of the largest media platforms for the Polish community in the United Kingdom. The website is renowned for its high-quality content, which is published daily and includes news, articles, and guides. offers a classified board, business directory and discussion forum with over 4 mln comments to support its strong online community. targets 1 million Polish residents living and working in the United Kingdom. The website is visited by 25,000 unique visitors each month generating 360,000 page views. Around 80% of visitors are from the UK and 20% are from Poland.

The average user, the average representative of Polish residents in the United Kingdom, is approximately 40 years old. They migrated to the UK about 15 years ago, are married, and have two children. They speak English proficiently, earn around £30,000 annually, and typically work in the blue-collar sector. They own property in the UK, actively participate in UK elections, and dislike Brexit. delivers concise information in the native language of its users, concentrating on crucial aspects of living and working in the United Kingdom from a Polish migrant's perspective. The platform explores British history, culture, the robust connection between Polish and British cultures, and cultural nuances. serves as a valuable resource for individuals aiming to develop, expand, and effectively adapt to life in the UK.

About the company is operated by Efero LLP founded in 2005 by Albert Fret and Karol Chojnowski. The website has evolved from a very successful website targeting Polish community in Scotland - Now is the fastest evolving and one of the leading Polish community websites in the UK.

With 20 years of experience on the market, Efero LLP has provided a number of high profile clients with advertising campaigns targeted at the Polish community in the UK as well as consultancy services focused on this niche market.