Do góry

About is an information and social networking platform aimed at 1 million Polish nationals living in the United Kingdom and those who are still in Poland considering visiting this country as tourists or coming to live and work here. key facts:

The website provides concise information in the user’s native language in the form of daily news, articles and compact guides regarding all aspects of living and working in the United Kingdom. provides a collection of tools for users to interact with one another, so they can build networks among friends and others with shared interests through services like: discussion forums, groups, classifieds board, profiles and others.

The website provides database of job opportunities, accommodation offers and other forms of information supporting new entrants and individuals who wish to develop, expand and acclimatise to their lives in the UK.

About the company is operated by Efero LLP founded in 2005 by Albert Fret and Karol Chojnowski. The website has evolved from a very successful website targeting Polish community in Scotland - Now is the fastest evolving and one of the leading Polish community websites in the UK.

With 11 years of experience on the market, Efero LLP has provided a number of high profile clients with advertising campaigns targeted at the Polish community in the UK as well as consultancy services focused on this niche market.