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Projekt 'It's My Place'

Projekt 'It's My Place'
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Data utworzenia: 07.07.08
Administrator: JoannaZawadzka

In the last couple of years Scotland has experienced a great number of Polish nationals coming to live and work in the country. Edinburgh City became the main destination for new comers and accommodated almost 35 000 of them. Since new migrants represent a big part of cities’ population it is important to support their successful integration, facilitate cultural exchange and wider Polish- Scottish cooperation.

We believe that ‘It’s my Place’ is a project that supports those objectives by bringing together professional artists from Poland and Scotland in a community based art project. The invited artists and art students will run a number of workshops and master classes to engage members of communities from regeneration areas in Edinburgh and transform their experiences of place into works of art.

Young artists taking part in the project will have an opportunity to gain valuable experience in a community work and a chance to work on a ‘live’ project. Professional artists will be supporting the community and the students at all times offering their advice and guidance.

The project offers a valuable assistance, a fresh eye, creative input of artist of different nationalities and talents into the space of a neighbourhood.
The project will run for two months and will be carried out in two stages; the first month will be based in Craigmillar/ Edinburgh and the second in Krakow.
In the future we are planning to expand our project and involve other places in Poland and Scotland or even in the whole United Kingdom.

The person responsible for the development of the idea, management and artistic coordination of the ‘It’s my place’ project is Goshka Bialek supported by Robert Motyka, Joanna Zawadzka and the group of young artists. The initiative is run under the umbrella of Scottish Polish Cultural Association in Edinburgh and the key partners are:
Willa Decjusza Association in Cracow
The City of Edinburgh Council
Capital City Partnership
The City of Cracow Council – International Cooperation Office
Consulate General of Republic of Poland
Consul General of Great Britain In Cracow.
Craigmiller Art Space
WHALE Art Centre
Pilton Video
Academy of Fine Art in Cracow
Edinburgh College of art
Polish and Scottish Media
And others.

With a kind support of Consul General of Poland Aleksander Dietkow and Senator Andrzej Person, chair of the Emigration Affairs and Contacts with Poles Abroad Committee, we have managed to secure funds from the Senate of Republic of Poland. We have also secured a grant from Lottery Funding – Award for All.