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25.02.2012, 22:01

2. The Waiter

Three men in a cafe order a meal the total cost of which is $15. They each contribute $5. The waiter takes the money to the chef who recognizes the three as friends and asks the waiter to return $5 to the men.

The waiter is not only poor at mathematics but dishonest and instead of going to the trouble of splitting the $5 between the three he simply gives them $1 each and pockets the remaining $2 for himself.

Now, each of the men effectively paid $4, the total paid is therefore $12. Add the $2 in the waiters pocket and this comes to $14.....where has the other $1 gone from the original $15?

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#125.02.2012, 22:10

You just have to look at it from a different perspective to arrive at the solution:

The 3 men gave 5$ each, and the owner returned 5$... Hence, the bill was for 10$.

Now, since the 3 men got 1$ back, they effectively paid 4$ each, totalling at 12$.... Remeber the bill was for 10$ after the discount??

Hence, the remaining amount is 12$-10$, which is 2$, the amount that the clerk pocketed... Hence, 1$ is gone nowhere...

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#225.02.2012, 22:13

tysiac lat temu bylo to juz w polskiej wersji.czy to ma cos wspolnego z logika ?
odpwowiedz dla zainteresowanych

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#326.02.2012, 00:30

@groundhog - a zagadkę oczywiście rozwiązałeś samodzielnie :)

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